Deco Light®

Deco Light® imports, installs and supports a unique range of decorative LED lighting technologies including RGB Wash Lights, DMX controlled Festoon and New Zealand’s most reliable Commercial Fairy Light System.


The Deco Light® Festoon system will provide the “WOW” to any setting and has excellent unique features including individual addressable LEDs (this means you can choose a static colour or any colour or light changing effect you like!).

The Festoon bulbs are sealed; so they are water tight – this means maintenance is low. The Festoon bulbs are made of high quality plastic and are durable; the bulbs are also UV resistant. The entire system is customisable allowing you to choose how many bulbs you require and distance.

  1. Each LED Festoon light can be individually attached to an overhead cable.
  2. The system is waterproof with epoxy encased.
  3. Festoon lights are arranged in appropriate spacing along the tube.
  4. Spacing can be customized according your requirements.
  5. The system is DMX controllable.
  6. The beam angle is 320 degrees
  7. Excellent quality RGB Diodes.
  8. Customisable Tube length and string quantity.
  9. Dustproof, waterproof and UV resistant, IP 65 protection rated.